Function, rubber sheet according to a use Cloth Inserted Rubber Sheet

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  • ・Elongation can be suppressed to a small value by inserted cloth making it suited for seal packings of parts with the possibility of dimensional changes such as swelling caused by heat and chemicals.
  • ・Furthermore, the thickness of the rubber between layers is a minimum of 1mm.
Function ・ Cloth Inserted

*Penetration leakage might be caused at cloth part depending on the use condition in the case of use for waterproof packing. Please check the applications before use.

One to several plies of the cloth of the table below is/are inserted between various rubber sheets in accordance with the specification of customers.

Type Item Name Yarn Count
Thread Count
(Warp×Weft per 5cm)
Tensile Strength
Cotton Thick texture 22C 10 / 3×10 / 3 45×47 0.85 45 25
Polyester 30 / 1×30 / 1 90×88 0.15 32 11
Glass-Cloth 84×64 0.18 164

●Please consult us for thickness, cloth type, cloth layer.


Please check here to find out the environmental compliance of this product.


●These descriptions can be altered for a reason of improvement without any notification.
●These descriptions shall be as of November 1, 2021.

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