Privacy Policy

Tigers Polymer Corporation (hereafter referred to as “TIGERS POLYMER”) shall comply with the laws and regulations concerning protection of “Personal Information” and make best effort to protect the “Personal Information” of the customers who use our website operated by TIGERS POLYMER in accordance with the privacy policy stipulated hereafter.

Definition of “Personal Information”

In this private policy, “Personal Information” means the information which can consequently identify the individual or the information peculiar to the individual, such as the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.

Collection and purpose of using “Personal Information”

At this sight, the Personal Information is not collected without notice.
Also, when TIGERS POLYMER receive inquiry, consultation, opinion, request or offer from the customers, TIGERS POLYMER may request the customers to provide the customers’ “Personal Information”.

The “Personal Information” received from the customers is used for providing information about TIGERS POLYMER’s products requested by the customers and/or purpose for the sales promotion activity of TIGERS POLYMER. If TIGERS POLYMER use your “Personal Information” besides the above-mentioned purpose, TIGERS POLYMER will inform the customers of the purpose of collecting the customers’ “Personal Information” at time of receiving “Personal Information”. TIGERS POLYMER will not use your “Personal Information” besides those purpose without the customers’ prior consent.

Management of “Personal Information”

TIGERS POLYMER are managing the “Personal Information” in a safely and appropriate manner and making best effort to prevent the leakage.

Disclosure of “Personal Information” to the 3rd party

TIGERS POLYMER will not disclose the customers “Personal Information” without consent. However, there may be the case that TIGERS POLYMER disclose the customers’ “Personal Information” in the following conditions.

  1. In case TIGERS POLYMER need to notify to the court of justice, the police and its related authority and/or stakeholders the fact that the customers made a conduct which causes bad effect on TIGERS POLYMER and/or the customers, etc.
  2. In case TIGERS POLYMER receive an inquiry from the government office, the court of justice, the prosecutor’s office, the police, the lawer’s association, the consumer’ center, or the facilities having the similar authorization.
  3. In case TIGERS POLYMER are requested to disclose the “Personal Information” based on the laws and regulations besides (1) and (2).

Inquiries, Correction and Deletion of “Personal Information”

If TIGERS POLYMER receive the customers’s inquiries and/or request of correction, deletion to the “Personal Information” which is provided by the customers through TIGERS POLYMER’s website, TIGERS POLYMER will handle appropriately as far as TIGERS POLYMER can confirm the customer is the owner of the “Personal Information”.

Change of this private policy

TIGERS POLYMER may change this private policy upon necessity due to the change of the laws and regulations, etc.