Plastic Molded Products Welding (hot plate, vibration, ultrasonic)

  • Welding (hot plate, vibration, ultrasonic)

    Various welding methods can be selected depending on the product to make a shape that cannot be molded with a single part.

    [Hot Plate Welding]
    Each surface of two plastic parts is melted using a heated hot plate, and the parts are pressed and bonded until they cool and harden. Mainly used when the welding surface is flat. Different materials such as soft and hard can be welded.
    [Vibration Welding]
    A technique in which frictional heat is generated on the boundary surfaces of parts by applying pressure and vibration, resulting in instantaneous melting and welding. This technique is mainly used when the welding surface varies three-dimensionally.
    [Ultrasonic Welding]
    A technique for joining plastic parts by applying ultrasonic vibration to pressurized parts to melt the plastic. This technique is often used for relatively small products.

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