Hose for household appliances

Hose for Air Conditioner and Hot-Water Supply & Room Heating Equipment

The latest air conditioners have variety of additional functions such as air cleaning, humidification and etc. other than air cooling, heating and dehumidification. Tigers Polymer has a large assortment of hoses and accessories for such latest air conditioners and hot-water supply & room heating equipments.

Examples of hose for Air Conditioner

Drain hose, heat insulating drain hose, drain hose for extension, hose for humidification, and flexible cover for piping, etc.

Examples of hose for hot-water supply & heating equipment

Oil filler hose for “Force Draught Balanced Flue type” Oil Heater, air supply hose for gas-fired boiler and oil burner, cover for piping of hot-water supply and room heating system, and etc.

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