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Food Grade Rubber Sheet

【 Features 】

•Complies with Japanese food hygiene law "Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No.85(Japanese Ministry of Health,Labour and Welfare Notification No.201" including extraction of acetic acid.

*Please check the adequacy and safety of these items for the intended applications before use

【 Properties : Food Grade Rubber Sheet 】

Item Name Properties
General Properties Material Operation
Type A
Tensile Strength at Break
at Break
TEB 6510 Z   60(57) 12.8 {131} 730 EPT Less than 100°C
White Butyl Sheet <65> 64(63) 9.0 {92} 600 IIR Less than 100°C
White EPT Sheet <65> 66(63) 11.5 {117} 650 EPT Less than 100°C
SR-50   50(50) 8.5 {87} 320 SR 100 °C or higher
SR-70   70(70) 7.1 {72} 290 SR 100 °C or higher

JIS K 6250

●These descriptions can be altered for a reason of improvement without any notification.
●These descriptions shall be as of April 1, 2014.

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