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As of March 31st, 2017

Foundation Jan., 1994
Address 99 Moo5, Rojana Industrial Park, U-Thai, Ayutthaya 13210
Tel. +66-35-741-565
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Automotive Parts

Air Cleaner Hose

The Air Cleaner Hose connects the Air Cleaner (which purifies the intake air) to the engine.

A key requirement of the Air Cleaner Hose product design is to minimize air flow resistance, while achieving noise reduction, usually within a small space.

Air Cleaner Hose


Air Cleaner

The HVAC Duct is utilized to route air to the cabin compartment for vehicle air conditioning.

The HVAC Duct must be designed in order to distribute air equally to several nozzles within the system that must have careful consideration for part strength, weight and condensation.

Tigers Polymer is able to utilize our design and molding technologies developed from managing air for the engine, to create solutions for the HVAC system.

Reserve Tank

The Reserve Tank is utilized to tune the pressure of the radiator coolant under constantly changing temperature conditions.

Tigers Polymer's various molding and value added manufacturing technologies enables us to create complicated product designs, that can be installed in limited engine spaces.

Reserve Tank

Home Appliance Hoses

Vacuum Cleaner Hoses & Washing Machine Hoses

We globally provide a wide variety of hoses such as drain hose, overflow hose, water pouring hose, water discharge hose, connect hose, water supply hose, bath-water supply hose, air tube, drain pipe and etc. which are used for automatic washing machine and automatic washing and drying machine.

Vacuum Cleaner Hose

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