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We thank you for your continued support.

Tigers Polymer Corporation was established in 1938 as a manufacturer of rubber hoses and industrial rubber products.

Tigers Polymer uses “Three technologies (which is to manufacture hoses, rubber sheets, and molding products)” utilizing plastics and rubber materials and serving it in “Four markets (Automotive, Electrics, Construction & Housing, and Industrial Materials)” since the foundation. We aim to grow in a niche market with a high market share and a balanced product range as outlined in our strategic business plan.

Based on our policy of “providing the world market with functional components developed with our unique technologies”,we have enhanced our diverse “product development capabilities” and “performance analysis capabilities” through aggressive R&D investment to widely provide new products with strong originality to the world market.

Our Company's motto is “flexibility with a strong will”. The “Strong will” expresses “Customer-oriented philosophy by quick response to customer's request”, and “Flexibility” expresses “Flexible response to realize the request”.

Tigers Polymer is committed to the development of human resources who can steadily grasp the trends of the times, have broad perspectives and insights, and stand up to change.

We are striving further to make the next leap forward to meet the expectation and confidence of the society by thorough customer-oriented philosophy.

Representative Director and President Koji Sawada

President Koji Sawada