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Automotive Parts

  • Air Cleaner & Air Filter Element
    Air Cleaner & Air Filter Element
    The Air Cleaner is a functional part that purifies vehicle intake air used for engine combustion.

    By utilizing, and taking advantage of, Tigers Polymer excellent design capabilities and CAE technology along with our experience with injection, blow and rubber molding technologies and other value added manufacturing; the Air Cleaner is able to achieve complex module designs while meeting all desired performance parameters for air purity, air flow resistance and sound tuning in a smaller package space.

    Tigers Polymer has experienced great success in meeting high level customer requirements for improved performance while concurrently achieving reduction in overall size and weight.

    Tigers Polymer is able to transfer the development capability utilized through our Air Cleaner experience to other functional automotive products, home appliance and other markets as well.
  • Air Duct Parts & Air Duct Hose Air Duct Parts & Air Duct Hose
    Air Duct Parts & Air Duct Hose
    The Air Inlet Duct is designed to route intake air to the engine.

    Since the duct has recently become a common component of the Air Induction System Module, it is frequently combined with the Resonator as a function of noise reduction.

Home Appliance Hoses

  • Vacuum Cleaner Hose
    Vacuum Cleaner Hose

    As a pioneer in the field, we “Tigers Polymer Corporation” have developed many kinds of hoses for vacuum cleaners taking advantage of our sufficient knowledge in performances required by customers for these hoses such as not only flexibility and durability but also elasticity, lightness in weight, design and etc.
    In addition, we have met wide range of requirements from marketplace such as reducing the amount of environmentally hazardous substances in use and etc.

    Our hoses are currently applied to approx.
    About 60% of vacuum cleaners which are manufactured by main home appliance makers in Japan.
    In addition, we have built our manufacturing bases globally such as in China, Malaysia and Thailand, which has met the needs of Japanese home appliance makers who built their plants in these countries and grown the business with local home appliance makers.

  • Washing Machine Hoses
    Washing Machine Hoses
    We globally provide a wide variety of hoses such as drain hose, overflow hose, water pouring hose, water discharge hose, connect hose, water supply hose, bath-water supply hose, air tube, drain pipe and etc. which are used for automatic washing machine and automatic washing and drying machine.