High Precision Engineering Molded Parts


We, Tigers Polymer Corporation, can totally propose our concepts about reviewing by drawing, proposal about shape, building mold, plastic molding and evaluation by measurement to customers based on our unique technology focusing on stability of dimension accuracy. In addition, we can produce injection compression molded parts of which wall are thick in order to increase stiffness and insert molded parts by the exclusive molds.

Evaluation by measurement

We can evaluate dimension accuracy, geometric accuracy and accuracy of gears for exclusive machines (JIS, JGMA), and test mesh of gears wholly by our own test equipments. The results of high precision measurement and evaluation have been reflected in accuracy of molds, and which have contributed to high precision of our products.

High Precision Gear

Belt pulley and gear have become mainstream as the method of transmission driven force from motor. In order to transmit the driven force, gear should be shaped more accurately and ideally.

For example, when image is transferred to photoreceptor by printer or copier, band is caused on the image due to transmission error at each gear drive part. Color laser printer should accurately transfer 4-colored toner (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black) onto paper. Therefore, the gear is also required high accuracy.

Injection Compression Thick-Walled Molded Parts

We succeeded in molding thicker walled and more accurate (JIS Class 2) parts than existing parts by use of our unique injection compression technology, and they can maintain high accuracy even under the environment which high torque (heavy load) is applied.

High Precision Molded Parts

We have molded the parts which have high dimension accuracy and geometric accuracy, and which contributes to new approaches such as resinification of metal parts, saving weight and high precision molding in order to improve productivity.

Molding Materials

We can mold by almost all engineering plastic materials and super engineering plastic materials which have distributed to the market, and propose the most suitable material in accordance with actual use conditions.

Master Gear

We have also built master gears by use of our manufacturing technology of ultra high precision molds, and achieved the accuracy of JIS MO class for these master gears.

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