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Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheet for Sewage Manhole (Anchoring Mat II)

Baseplate and side wall of sewage manhole are made by concrete and undurable due to abraded erosion by sewage.
We developed the abrasion resistant rubber sheet "Anchoring Mat II" which can be tightened by anchor bolt.

【 Features 】

•Durability can be improved because the rubber material excels in abrasion resistance.
•Elasticity of the rubber can absorb impact.
•More flexible than the other rubber materials, and can be installed on the curved surface of side wall and inverted arch.
•Excels in acid and alkali resistance
Can be delivered by required size at work place. (3D curved products are also available.)

【 Properties 】

Item Unit General Product Harder Product
Hardness Type A 67(66) 91(88)
Tensile Strength at Break MPa 21.1 10.6
Elongation at Break % 460 190
Tear Resistance N/mm 80.2 29.0
Abrasion Loss cc/1000 times 0.13

【 Detailed drawing for installation 】

No. Item Name Material
1 Anchoring Mat Abrasion Resistant Rubber
2 Nut (M12) SUS304
3 Special Washer (M12) SUS304
4 Flush Cut Bolt for Chemical (M12) SUS304
5 Rubber Cap Abrasion Resistant Rubber

*Each items can be purchased in sets by item.

●These descriptions can be altered for a reason of improvement without any notification.
●These descriptions shall be as of December 1, 2013.

  • ・Abrasion Resistance

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