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Simple Rubber Bearing

【 Features 】

•It has an ability to spread impact load or sectional load evenly and so is able to loosen its structural load.
•Excels in weather, ozone, and water resistance, compression set and etc. Complies with the standard of Japan Road Association and Japan Rubber Bearing Association.

【 Properties: Simple Rubber Bearing 】

Item Name Application Structure
Stretchable Absorption Strain
Material Elastic Modulus
in Static Shear
Vibration Insulation CR (C-10) Movable hard rubber CR 0.98±0.10 {10±1.0}
SBR Sheet
(Structural construction guidelines)
Mesnager hinge B type rubber bearing SBR 1.18±0.12 {12±1.2}

JIS K 6250

●These descriptions can be altered for a reason of improvement without any notification.
●These descriptions shall be as of December 1, 2013.

  • ・Simple Rubber Bearing

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